Kisses on the soul

                                 I know that maybe in this story,
                          I have nothing to write about,
                        I have nothing to say, 
                 because this story, it’s not mine.
 And I don’t want to see any more sad people
   who are disappointed for some reason;
          which believe that their lives are meaningless.
               There is a glass of wine that I would drink,
           a half-bite apple that someone
     refused to eat, a halfway house,
a tear that won’t come out.
Faces with tears that do not stop wet cheeks;
    An umbrella that someone opened
           to cover themselves of the rain that
                   did not fall from the sky.
          Somewhere there is a need to erase
      of the skin, which someone else marked
    with the soul; the devil is condemned by his
  present and although hishorns scare,
her past beauty achieved cautivate many.
I think eternity forgot that love lasted
    forever; the rainbow forgot to leave after
          of each rain, the sun has forgotten to wake up
  some mornings and therefore the dark clouds,
appear to remind you of the new dawn.
 I know that each ending is only one point,
 and that each is only one point
     page is full of letters and signs,
           Everyone interprets in their own way and lives
               your life in the best way you can.
             God will always be there, on every page,
          at each point, in each letter, in each rainbow,
     on every cloud, on every face, giving us 
  soft kisses on the soul and changing
every tear for a smile.

I wrote this poem some time ago
in Spanish.This is the link: Besos en el alma

Side flowers

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